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Intro Course €125Purchase required to enroll

Aloituskurssin tarkoitus on valmistaa sinut CrossFit tunneille. Kurssilla tutustutaan CrossFit-harjoittelussa yleisimmin käytettäviin liikkeisiin. Aloituskuukauden hinta on 125€ ja tähän hintaan kuuluu aloituskurssin lisäksi myös loppukuukauden treenit.

Your introduction month covers the 6 x 90mins starter classes and also the remaining time in the month for unlimited access to our facility.
Get started with CrossFit safely and effectively!
Join our experienced coaches as we prepare you for CrossFit Classes, Coached Gym and Free Gym.


CrossFit Class 1 visit freeFrom €12 per visit with 10x Visitcard - Prepaid pass

Tuntimme koostuu 60-minuutin pituisesta ohjatusta tunnista. Pienet ryhmäkoot mahdollistavat henkilökohtaisen valmennuksen kokeneiden valmentajiemme toimesta.

Our daily classes bring together our experienced coaches and the daily workout to give you the best CrossFit experience possible.

Coached Gym 1 visit freeFrom €12 per visit with 10x Visitcard - Prepaid pass

Coached Gym- jäsenyydellä pääset harjoittelemaan hyvin varustellulla toiminnallisella salilla Helsingissä. Paikalla on aina ammattitaitoinen valmentaja.
Coached Gym gets you full access to well-equipped functional training facility. In addition our coaches will be on hand to assist you with whatever you need to get your workout rocking that day.

Free Gym 1 visit freeFrom €12 per visit with 10x Visitcard - Prepaid pass

Free Gym-jäsenyydellä pääset harjoittelemaan hyvin varustellulla toiminnallisella salilla.
Free Gym gives you have access to well-equipped CrossFit gym.

ROMWOD 1 visit free€6

Thousands of athletes worldwide incorporate ROMWOD into their daily workout routine. Daily yoga to improve how you move!

Free Trial Class Free

Get a taste of CrossFit in Helsinki's longest running and largest CrossFit facility. Suitable for all levels and backgrounds.

Sony Group Class

Sony Private Group Class


Skinfold and Nutritional Assessment €40 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Want to know how much to eat? Carbs vs protein vs fat?
Want to get an estimate of your current body fat and lean mass?

The skinfold assessment test provides the answers.
Initial test is 40€, retest is 25€ with the code '15OFF'.

Free Tour and Chat Free

Book a free tour of CrossFit Central Helsinki.
See the facility, ask questions and find out more about what we do.


Ghetto Snatch Purchase required to enroll

The 'Ghetto Snatch' weightlifting competition comes to CrossFit Central Helsinki. Designed for all levels, this is a great chance to compete in Weightlifting for the first time.
CFCH members use code 'GHETTO' to get your 5€ discount!